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1924us Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger

1924us Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger

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The original Fairbairn-Sykes are some of the most highly sought after silhouettes in the knife community. The original pieces which predate WW2 and were developed in Shanghai are rare and collectible. We wanted to create a modern finish to this industry-changing knife. Made entirely in Australia, and designed in collaboration with Thomson Knife & Utility, this dagger features a quick snap release pull sheath made from Kydex with holes for strapping. The blade is a high quality carbon stainless steel and is hand-sharpened. It is gun-blued similar to the ageing process of a shot gun barrel and has a lovely color and patina that will age impeccably. The handle is hand made from sandblasted linen micarta, a strong and durable material.

The dagger blade is fixed and measures in at 7.75 inches. Because of the nature of this blade length, please ensure you check your local allowance laws for holding and open carry. The handle is 5.25 inches, bringing the total height of the blade to 13 inches in length.

These knives are an incredibly limited edition and made to order. Order time takes 2 weeks.

Please note:
This is a dangerous tool and is to be purchased only by those over the age of 18. By purchasing this item you agree that you are over the age.

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