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Maratac Hobby Hand Kit

Maratac Hobby Hand Kit

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This DIY Hobby Hand kit is designed and fabricated 100% in America by Maratac.

This unique kit makes it easy to tackle your daily hobby needs without the use of a 2nd person to hold your "gear in place" while soldering, painting, glueing and more.

The versatility of the Hobby Hand is endless with 5 included extensions and pivot points to reach the hardest to reach spots. Also the base can be bolted, glued, VHB, or even added to a mobile base to fit your needs. The level of accuracy you can achieve with the spring loaded precision jaw is heavy and strong for holding an array of goods.

This will be be one of the tools you will buy once and use forever!

Each Arm Extension Will Add 3" To Your Reach! Use just 1 or all 5 as needed!

This is a kit comprised of all the pieces so the possibilities are endless

Kit Includes:

Stainless Steel Base + Ball Joint Assembly
1 Precision Spring Loaded Hobby Hand Head
5 Extension Arms
6 Wing Nuts
6 Locking Screws
12 Locking Ball Joint Plates
2 Hex Keys
3 Base Screws

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