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The Shepherd Smock

The Shepherd Smock

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Inspired by antique French night smocks, and traditional Shepherd’s smocks - This piece is incredibly comfortable and again, easy to throw on, it works as a beautiful statement piece styled up or in simple form.

The tunic is made with 100% medium weight high quality linen (with a great drop / flow). It come in two colours, Off Black and Laundry Blue. The shade of blue is flattering on almost any skin tone as it has an aged / muted yet fresh hue.

Sizing - This is an oversize fit and is meant to drape effortlessly, depending on your size it will sit differently but should still have some kind of an oversize feeling as there is a lot of fabric in this one :)

Fits sizes XS - XL

Designed entirely in Australia using heritage sourced pieces by the 1924us studio.
Ethically Made in Zhejiang - Read more about our process here!

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