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The 1924us Solid Brass Zippo

The 1924us Solid Brass Zippo

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The one and only, time-tested and true, the Zippo brand lighter. We've been aching to get our hands on these for some years, but have been waiting to do it appropriately. We're proud to announce the time has come!

These solid brass, fully made in the USA Zippo lighters are made the same way they were in World War 2. Each are engraved with hand-illustration and writing done by the 1924us studio and engraved using the Cermark process. Each lighter is double sided.


O'death: Front: Typography Back: Illustration of Man fighting Death
Not Today Satan: Front: Typography "aint dead yet" Back: Sword through Skull
Psalm 23:4: Front: Scripture Type and Dove Back: "I serve only one king"
Not here for long: Front: mori of skeletons in hourglass Back: "not here for long" 
Pretty Lasses Kill ya Fastest: Front: illustration back: "dont objectify!" type

Made to order, allow 2-3 weeks from order to ship.

We hope you enjoy this little piece of history in your pocket! 

Made in the USA, Designed in Australia, ships worldwide.

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