The Origins

1924us is a petite branding agency dedicated to preserving the practices of early 1900's in relevant fields of expertise: photography, branding, writing, design, and archiving. We have archived thousands of historical pieces that range from dusty and dirty, to museum-quality pieces. Our antique selection is a way for us to keep a physical relationship with the way we design and live through the early era. Founded in the fall of 2009, 1924us has since branded for over two hundred companies, creating visual identities through any means of story-telling possible. Mostly, we draw. And we draw by hand every detail, no computers are used in this process, pens, paper and pencils, lots of erasing, measurement and compass use goes into the foundation and creation of our design works. Currently, our team is three large, with founder Christian Watson at the helm.

Our mission is to capture the many senses of wonders that exist and flourish in todays world, to add to ourselves a sense of value through days of old, using rigorous techniques that have helped shape the foundations of mankind for over a century. Our goal is humility through all things, to remain journeyman even as we are given responsibility of captain of our lives. "jour·ney·man" or "ˈjərnēmən" are those who are reliable, but not perfect at their works. Every project we have worked on, from the small coffee shop opening in Quebec, to helping design for Fortune 500 companies, is a learning experience and treated with equal importance to us. We learn through all of them just the same, as problems arise, so too do we. To better not only ourselves, but the lives and efforts of those around us.

As we say to all newcomers to 1924us: Welcome Aboard, and Venture Onward.