The 1924us 1k - 1 Shot Program

We’re proud to introduce the 1k / 1-Shot program. If ya trust our vision and what we do, then you get one shot at a logo!

You describe to us what you’re after, send through some inspiration pictures, and we draw it for you to your exact specification! The caveat is that we don’t include any iterations, we provide a few designs for you to choose from and that’s that!

Our aim with this endeavor is to engage more businesses and brands that might be in the very early stages of setting up or not have the resources to commit to a more rigorous and in-depth design project but still want some good branding! We believe everyone deserves access to good design, and through a more accessible price point (and furthering our own mission of making the world feel more like home), this felt like a win-win for everyone involved!

Like what ya hear and want to move forward?! Reach out here and let’s get you on the books!