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1924us Artists Tunic

1924us Artists Tunic

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A 1924 designed staple, inspired by the draping flax bed shirts of the early 1900’s - the Artists tunic is designed to celebrate and encourage creativity and comfort as well as a free form stand out piece to wear truly, how you please :) .

Size -

This Tunic is made as one size and is an oversize design which will fit sizes S - XXL

Body width - 30 inches

length - 35 inches

Sleeve length - 28 inches

Make -

100% Belgian linen

Brass buttons

two lower side pockets

one upper pocket for your tools.


Note: The Oat Linen color has changed slightly (it’s not as warm / green tinged as most of the lifestyle images shown here - the correct color is shown in the first product photo, it’s more neutral / white as we found it compliments more skin tones than the warmer toned one :)

Designed entirely in Australia using heritage sourced pieces by the 1924us studio.
Ethically Made by our friends in Zhejiang - Read more about our process here!

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