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1924us Challenge Tokens

1924us Challenge Tokens

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Here they are, our specifically designed aged bronzed challenge tokens. The history of the Challenge Token or Coin is long and prosperous, dating back to even early AD, Challenge Tokens were carried by rebellious religious groups, organisations that opposed Kings, and most recently Unions.


The history is interesting, in that some members holding these coins, pertaining to these ideals, would sometimes at worst face execution. They are called Challenge coins because whenever one was dropped, it was considered a “Challenge” where all members present most show and prove to the rest of the group they were in possession, a showcase of the same risk as the rest of the brotherhood. We have taken this idea and repurposed it for the use of faith and doing good for others. These age beautifully and look amazing.

3 different designs, available individually or as a full set.


Designed entirely in Australia.

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