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First Aid Kit - Water Repellent Pouch

First Aid Kit - Water Repellent Pouch

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This First Aid Kit contains all the necessary items needed to treat your simple everyday cuts and scratches in a small rugged water resistant package. Each item was hand selected as being both a necessary and quality for basic wound care, by a working Tactical Medic. These are quality First Aid items, no vinyl or cartoon bandages here. Real wound care for real working people.

The R-PVC Water Repellant Pouch is an EDC / Preppers go to case with an extra water resistant perk. The Rugged PVC 18 OZ Vinyl is durable & thin while providing a water resistant layer to protect your gear. Offering an offset YKK brass zipper to prevent roll out when the bag is opened. This bag is designed to carry anything that can fit inside, varying from pens, flashlights, or EDC gear.


  1. 2 each, 4X4, pad, Sterile Gauze

  2. 1 each, Roll, Elastic Wrap

  3. 1 each, Roll, Stretch Conforming Gauze

  4. 2 each, Pad, Absorbent, Abdominal/Combine

  5. 1 each, Bandage, Triangular

  6. 1 each, Mini Trauma Shears

  7. 2 pairs, Exam Gloves, Large

  8. 6 each, Swab, 0.1% benzalkonium chloride

  9. 4 each, Triple Antibiotic Ointment

  10. 6 each, Alcohol Prep Pad

  11. 1 Roll, Tape, Surgical, Paper

  12. 35 each, Bandage, Adhesive 5/8”x 2..75”

Bag Specs:

  1. Full Size Flat D Ring - Sewn In

  2. Size: 10.5" x 8.5" x.5 "

  3. Material: Rugged PVC 18 OZ Vinyl

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