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1924us Hand Illustrated Trading Cards

1924us Hand Illustrated Trading Cards

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They’re here! These trading cards feature 25 unique illustrations varying in rarity each pack comes with 5 cards. The cards are unique in each pack but placed at random.

The edges are gold-gilded on every card, and are off-set printed in Australia on 600 GSM recycled paper matte stock. They each come in an embossed red or black envelope.

There are three different types of rarity.

18 COMMON - White line single illustrations of our most iconic work

5 RARE - Full color prints of some of our most popular designs

2 LEGENDARY - Fully gold-gilded cards.

Each card is hand-numbered in its value and reflects as such, these will NEVER be reprinted again. Our hope is that these little pieces will serve as inspirations and reflections for years to come.

NOTE: As we reach limited quantities of these, we can no longer guarantee the availability of a full set.

Artwork all designed in house by the 1924us Studio.

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