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Traditional Higo Knife - 1924us

Traditional Higo Knife - 1924us

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Made with folded brass and blued stainless steel, the Higo knife has not changed much in the 100+ years of her inception, we’ve added some custom branding to this piece, an homage to always bettering ourselves and the projects we tackle.

Dimensions: 3.5” handle, 6.5” fully extended blade.

Designed in Australia.

Ships worldwide.

NOTE: This item is for use and purchase only by anyone over the age of 18. Any purchase to a younger persons is considered illegal, and purchaser assumes all responsibility of good upon competition at checkout this includes but is not limited to customs entry, regional and national knife, weapon and blade laws and should be researched before purchase. 1924us PTY LTD assumes no risk in shipment, for further information please see our FAQ.

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