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1924us Holy Wood - Palo Santo Sticks

1924us Holy Wood - Palo Santo Sticks

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A product that’s been in the works for a long time and one we are very proud to introduce! Presenting HOLY WOOD! Ten Sticks of Sustainably Harvested Palo Santo, packed in a meticulously crafted Stand-Up Pouch for dry storage + aroma retention. It’s one of those signature 1924 scents; we burn this stuff everywhere, in the shop, out camping, at home, you name it we just can’t get enough of that purifying aroma! So we put ourselves to the task to find an incense that was natural, sustainably sourced and smelled phenomenal.

Palo Santo (from the Spanish “Holy Wood” / “Holy Stick”) is a wild tree native to areas of South America. In addition to the fragrant aromas its smoke produces, it has long been used as a sacred tool in ritual purification and smudging to cleanse bad energy, reduce stress and alleviate anxiety.

Our Palo Santo is sustainably harvested in Ecuador, responsibly collected from naturally fallen trees on Ecuadorian reserves to help promote sustainability and reforestation.

Holy Wood presents a bright, sweet and dry woodsy fragrance, with undertones of musk and baking spices.


Each stick is approx 4-4.5 inches (10-12cm) with numerous burns per stick.

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