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1924us Pinafore No. 1 Boro

1924us Pinafore No. 1 Boro

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It's Here! Pinafore No. 1 is heavily inspired by the elegance, quality and simple femininity of the late 1800’s. 

 So it was important to create something reminiscent of history yet still very much wearable. and convenient for todays different lifestyles. 

The dress is made from 100% Belgian linen. There is an internal side zip for convenience, two internal pockets by each side and a weighted hem at the bottom for a beautiful fall / bounce.

The straps are open to interpretation - depending on what neckline you like and how you would like the dress to fall. Some options are - crossing them at the back, drop them straight down, wear a top underneath, or tie them around your waist. 

The pinafore was designed to be easily customisable and fit uniquely whoever wears it to suit their taste and lifestyle :) 

This is our second official launch of Pinafore No.1 with a subtle patchwork design inspired by antique Japanese Boro fabrics . There are two colour options depending on the tones you like to wear, We hope you live in this piece and it becomes something you make lifelong memories in!


This dress was originally a collaboration piece with a lifelong friend, Melody & I (she hand sewed the original launch of the Pinafores and designed the pattern for. So a huge appreciation for her. 

 You can also check out her PDF patterns / tutorials and own beautiful designs at her website -

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