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1924us x Poglia Pocket Knife

1924us x Poglia Pocket Knife

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The long-awaited collaboration between 1924us and Poglia Co. These pocket knives feature bone handles, brass helms and reclaimed blades.

The Poglia Pocket Knife is a multifunctional folding knife intended for every day use.

Each blade is hand-drawn, cut and forged from carbon steel. This is our signature. Everything is done the old-school way. Poglia knives are handled by eight hands, from the initial design to the final polish.
We offer scrimshaw availability on these pocket knives as shown attached, but we can do any design you’d like on them within reason, these make impeccable heirloom pieces and are some of the finest knifes around. Stamped with both logos on either side of the blade.

- Bone (White) or Horn (Black)
- Carbon steel blade
- Solid brass details

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