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With over 5 hours recorded into the Drawing Tutorial, right around 3.5 hours will showcase our drawing process, beginning from inspiration to tools and pen and paper, how we make a cup of coffee to start the day, the tools we use in detail, a bit about shading, composition, layout, philosophy, talks on talent, how to make good art and much more! Filmed in the 1924us studio, this is an intimate first-look at the behind the scenes of our space, our desk and how we build out work for clients from the perspective of drawing! Whether you’re a beginning artist or an experienced one, i believe there is something to learn here, and we hope regardless of if you’re into drawing or not, you find some level of inspiration from the lifestyle shared here. This video workshop (similarly executed to our How to Brand video) will go over how i have learned to draw, how i execute ideas, where i get ideas from, how i start sketching ideas, inking, gear i use, process, time length, how i get inspired, stay inspired and push through in the drawing process. What happens when i make a mistake? And all the rest! There’s so much that goes into it.

We will draw a hand, an eye, and a larger piece from start to finish!

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