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1924us Signature 'Onward' Engraved Bronze Ring

1924us Signature 'Onward' Engraved Bronze Ring

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The Ring

This ring is made with the exact finish we were after! It is hand hammered and acid washed - made from a combination of mainly copper and also tin. These rings feel lighter than the others and are an amazing piece on there own or to stack (as they are all slightly unique in the finish patterns, color and shapes). each ring is engraved with ‘onward’ on the inside band.

Ring Sizing

it is quite simple to find your ring measurement, the best option is to visit a jeweler and have it measured by them.

Note :The most accurate way from home is determined by measuring the inner diameter of an existing ring you have in millimeters, and if you don’t have one already - cut a thin piece of paper and wrap it around your ring figure, marking exactly where the edges of the paper meet. You can find the ring size chart in the photo gallery to note your size.

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