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1924us Significance Ring

1924us Significance Ring

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It’s back!

Our vision was to have a signature engagement ring, like all of our rings, something with significance which reflected our vision of grace and beauty in the imperfect. Much like the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement and the ‘Wabi Sabi’ philosophy we believe in the power of meaning in physical items - That beauty is carried in spiritual life and the intent to cherish what you have.

We created the ring to be available in a few different materials at different price points for flexibility and customization. The design of each remains the same although each ring is handmade and so every one will uniquely vary, no two will be the same. Pieces are made with real stones therefore are also subject to vary from one to another in pattern and in form. Each ring is made to order and produced entirely in Australia! Custom crystal sizes also available; email for a quote :)

Materials -

(all rings come with the choice of a white or champagne crystal)

Four options

Bronce & Crystal

Pure Silver & Crystal

14k Gold & Crystal - Solid Gold

18K Gold & Crystal - Solid Gold

PLEASE NOTE: All of these rings are made to order, it takes us a considerable amount of time, energy and effort to craft these rings to the custom specifications of our clients. Please allow for 5-6 weeks development. For more questions or information about your ring please email


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