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1924us Tangled Fisherman Knit

1924us Tangled Fisherman Knit

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The sweater is designed to be a unique take on a classic fisherman sweater - it is made from Mohair wool and acrylic and has a bulk sleeve design which has a heavier, oversize drop. The sleeves can easily be rolled up and fastened for practicality but can also drop down to cover your hands for warmth.

I originally made this to be lighter in weight but they are actually quite warm. That being said, I wear this in our air conditioned studio (so far in the summer) so it’s a perfect transitional / seasonal overthrow :)


This is an oversize cut and will fit sizes XS - L


Light cream / taupe with a hint of khaki green


Hand or Machine Wash on a gentle cycle (we recommenced to put sweater in a separate bag so the wool doesn’t snag on anything).

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