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Titanium Pocket Ruler

Titanium Pocket Ruler

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Useful at the 1924us studio for drawing, the titanium ruler is a great everyday use!

Available in both Metric and Imperial!

Made from solid Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5 aerospace Titanium with outstanding benefits:

  1. Titanium Rulers resist bending. Titanium is very flexible. Once you have a bend in a stainless ruler, it’s trash.

  2. Titanium Rulers resist rust. Sometime we expose our rulers to caustics that end up destroying the markings and then the ruler.

  3. Markings are engraved into the titanium.

  4. Titanium Rulers are Non-magnetic. This means metal chips and grindings will not stick to your rule. If you are a MRI Repair Tech, this feature is priceless.

  5. Titanium rulers are 45% lighter than Stainless rulers of the same size.

  6. Perfect for adding to your tool bag, shirt pocket and desk for everyday use.

  7. 6 inch - 15 CM titanium Ruler

  8. 1/8th, 1/16th, 1/32nds & 1/64th inch to decimal conversion on back

  9. Deep Etching for long life and superior accuracy

  10. Flexible and portable for everyday use

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