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Lightroom Presets - For Spring

Lightroom Presets - For Spring

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Included in this set are 3 Lightroom presets specifically made for these portrait sessions. The presets are created to be used for natural afternoon light, (both Cheap Film & Fields are for direct sunlight and Warm Grains works better with a single source of light - either through windows or doors). However in some occasions they work beautifully in scenarios I wouldn’t have guessed, but above are just some loose tips.


All three of them are quite full of grain, so they add a rough matte feeling.

They are to reflect a nostalgic feeling of warmer seasons, all with either red or yellow / green undertones.

Cheap Film & Fields also work beautifully shot through a layer of thin plastic or glass windows. To soften them even further add a single layer of cling wrap over your camera lens!


made for Adobe lightroom CC, & classic. Can be used on desktop (and mobile, if the user has an adobe account).


These presets will be available only for a limited time as they are specific to our own shoots. It’s an honor to share them with you as we grow as image creators, and like always - make sure to tag us in any images you use them on!! We would love to see them :)

Elle x

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