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Mini Glow Baton UGM

Mini Glow Baton UGM

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Glows Up to 24 Hours

Mini Glow-Batons ( AKA a glowing Kubaton ) are an extremely effective method of motivating and persuading people to "Go along with the program". The secret to Kubaton success is: Training and Practice (don't tell anyone, remember it's a secret).

Measures 2.15" long and 1/2" diameter and made of super stable injection molded nylon right here in the USA.

Why are these the best Kubatons available? These Kubatons are light weight, scratch resistant, corrosion resistant and temperature stable. Metal Kubatons are sometimes too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to hold and then scratch and get dinged up. Wooden Kubatons are prone to weathering and cracking.

These Kubatons will perform all the necessary techniques: wrist drags, backhand press, thumb roll, finger press, bear hug escape, vehicle extraction, chair extractions, ankle press, frontal assault defense, striking techniques and carotid choke escape. Can you / will you?

Weight .33 ounces

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