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Texturesque Volume 2 by 1924us

Texturesque Volume 2 by 1924us

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Proudly presenting our second instalment, TEXTURESQUE, Vol. 2! A compendium of editable textures fully integrated to elevate your artwork and photography. Sourced from our extensive archive of antiques: from old canvas card, to transfer sheets, postcards, souvenirs and more, the layered PSDs allow for full creative control and manipulation of color, tone, texture separation etc., so you can integrate your artwork in the best way possible!! With each textures' highlights + base separated into different editable layers, the end result is a "Texture Sandwich", allowing you to place your artwork wherever you want in the stack for maximum creativity.

Each texture is formatted in the original aspect ratio of the source material, giving you the ability to crop in for more creative possibilities. 


8 Editable Texture PSD's (+ 1 Bonus Secret Surprise Ooooooo)

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