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1924us Mercator - Solid Brass

1924us Mercator - Solid Brass

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Ever since I was a kid, I have had a deep fascination with the tools that help build entire worlds. As a boyscout, knives were always sold to us as a tool to be thoughtfully handled and well looked after. They had the potential for danger, and needed to be used wiesely.

I remember going up to the local Ace store in my hometown to look at the Case brand knife display, and now we’re proud to have a Solid Brass 420 SS pressed sharpened blade with our logo engraved at the helm.

Inscribed with our brand slogan Venture Onward on one side, with a friendly reminder on the other..”May all that I do, and all that I say, be used for the good and never dismay.” A lessen to the younger child in me, and hopefully to the holders out there, that the tools we wield are not always used to build, but can be mishandled and become tools of destruction.Featuring a kickback knife, a catch latch, and a full length blade, this is a Mercator knife.

Mercator K55K was a pocket knife invented in 1867 and is still very much in production today. Normally with a cat on one side, and a K55K stamping - paying homage to its original roots. The Mercator is an often found original piece among many collectors, including ourselves. Many soldiers brought these back home from World War II during which time they gained a lot of popularity for the multi-purpose solid construction. We wanted to harken back to its roots, while keeping true to our own vision.

Measurements and specs:

Tip of blade: 0.8mm

Depth of blade: .35mm

Width of blade 1.5cm

Helm width 2cm

Total length when closed: 4.7inches

Total length when opened: 8.2inches

Weight: 89 Grams

Blade steel: 420 SS

Handle metal: Solid Brass

Limited run available. Solid brass only. It is illegal in some countries to purchase and hold a lock-back knife, you are responsible for your own local laws regarding purchasing and importing knives, please check carefully before ordering. This item ships from Australia. Available for Wholesale.

Venture Onward

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