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Wholesale - 1924 Field Gown

Wholesale - 1924 Field Gown

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WS - $90

MSRP - $160-$200

Sold in batches of 10

This was first thought out to be a robe / over layer but I couldn’t help to think practically, it would be so beautiful as a dress!! So you can really wear it either way, and again this was designed with comfort and freedom of movement in mind. It’s perfect for home / garden / lounge wear or styling up as a statement piece.

Colour Options -

Natural Linen


Barn Red (Currently Out of Stock)

Details - 100% Belgian Linen. Brass buttons. weighted / split hem for dress movement and fall, large draping sleeves.

Fit - the Dress is an oversize fit & one size fits All ( XS - XL) 😊

Dimensions -

Length - 48 inches

Width - 60 inches

sleeve length - 18 inches

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